How to Screen and Recoat Hardwood Floors in Metro Atlanta

Welcome back to the Foxhound Floors Atlanta blog where we truly believe that sharing our hard earned knowledge with our clients and potential clients is a must so let’s get started with today’s hardwood flooring concerns.

Have your Atlanta hardwood flooring been taking some abuse over the years and you’ve literally come to the decision that it is time for some tender loving care that needs to be applied to your beloved hardwood flooring?

Well never fear as Foxhound Floors Atlanta is here (I always wanted to say that and there it is.) So you have gotten tons of traffic from your family, friends, pets (dogs and cats) doing their thing across your hardwood flooring and basically making them look rather dull and I’m being incredibly polite so what’s the plan Foxhound Floors Atlanta?

Glad you asked and please know that most of our clients expect to have their floors re-sanded and refinished and are completely and unequivocally surprised when we tell them that all they need is a simple “screen and recoat” which will ultimately save them time and money. Needless to say happiness is in the air when they hear the good news (being the good guys and extremely client centric is our company mantra.) 

At this point in time, we have introduced savings and efficiency in order to restore your Atlanta hardwood floors original beauty by advising that the screen and recoat process is the best option for your current flooring solution.

So Foxhound Floors Atlanta, what is this “screen and recoat process stuff you just mentioned?”

Glad you asked and it’s just a process of simply laying down a topcoat of polyurethane (poly) over whatever existing coat is currently on your hardwoods and making your hardwoods glow brightly as ever. But (there is always something that gets in the way) a new coat of poly over the current coat won’t really do the job or stick to the current coat without roughing it up some and we don’t want that at all. So, here comes the “screen” into play and it is just a piece of mesh material that has abrasive particles integrated into it and it’s similar to sandpaper but nearly as rough. In fact, the goal of the screen is to remove only a slight fraction of the existing poly that is currently in place so that it leaves just enough texture that the new poly will bond to it with strength and in a seamless fashion and that is the “meat and potatoes” of a screen but there is plenty more information to share so let’s keep reading good folks of Atlanta and beyond.

Let’s say your Atlanta hardwood flooring is not quite the “candidate” for a screen and recoat so what are my options then?

Well, if there are damages to the wood in place from your furniture being moved and having created scratches and dents, or some ultraviolet discoloration around the rugs that you have in place or quite simply our joyful four legged family members (pets) who we dearly love but are prone to “messy accidents” from time to time which can and does damage your hardwoods cannot be fixed by simply having a screen and recoat process applied.

Furthermore, if your hardwoods have spots where the poly has simply worn away due to lots of heavy traffic causing it to appear completely different from the rest of the flooring that has had a screen and recoat so it will look uneven and not the beautiful and balanced look you were after and who wants that? Not for our clients I can personally guarantee you that. It really is an art and a science to apply a screen and recoat and the best part is yet to come.

Does a screen and recoat save you money?

In the long run it sure as heck does and this is a commonly asked question which concerns all of us when it comes to our pocketbooks. The short and simple is that if you do a screen and recoat to your hardwoods every few years or so or simply just wanting to restore the “wow” factor can and does save you lots of money when it comes to restoration costs over the lifetime of your hardwood flooring. I believe this does it for now as far as the screen and recoat article is concerned but I can guarantee you that we at Foxhound Floors Atlanta will continue to share our knowledge from our daily travels in Metro Atlanta and beyond (if needed.) Please call, text or email us if you have any questions whatsoever and need a hardwood flooring solution as our customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. 




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