How to Prepare for Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Atlanta

Howdy folks and happy as a lark that you came to our Foxhound Floors Atlanta website for details on how to prepare to refinish hardwood floors in Metro Atlanta so let’s get started.

We need to first discuss what a typical scenario is for clients who are wanting us to refinish their hardwood floors due to the fact that they once had incredibly beautiful flooring but over time, it has lost its awe inspiring appeal and quite frankly, it is not what a homeowner wants for obvious reasons.

How does this happen to once beautiful hardwood floors?

Well for starters, when you have lots of traffic in your home, be it your family, friends and of course least but not last, our lovely pets who are an important addition to our families and who we all know typically run around and have their own agendas throughout our homes and everything that comes with it good or bad. Now that we understand that foot traffic definitely is a major factor in the degradation of Atlanta hardwood floors, let’s come up with a game plan to restore them to their former glory to include maintaining these once beautiful hardwood floors that have made you a proud homeowner for however long you have owned your home.

So what is the actual process for refinishing hardwood floors anyway?

First and foremost, you have to remove the existing layer of finishing product before you can apply another coat to your hardwood floors which will make them look brand new. Furthermore, you will have to use a sanding tool to actually get down to the hardwood itself and this is why it’s so laborious and can get complex hence the reason that Foxhound Floors Atlanta thrives in our Metro Atlanta market because we love doing it and we are experts at it (make sure to look at our portfolio of projects completed and that will give you an idea of our level of craftsmanship.)

Let’s also say that your hardwood floors don’t have a finish applied which would lead one to logically assume that there is no need for sanding but on the contrary all you good folks in Metro Atlanta, it still needs to be sanded down to the bare wood to achieve a complete bond and that is the key to having beautiful hardwoods. There are also cost saving golden nuggets that you should be aware of and that is if you only have a few scratches on your hardwoods that can be considered “low impact” which basically means that it does not go through the entire layer of the hardwood itself so all you need to do is recoat it versus refinishing it which saves you money and something that we all want to hear when it comes to our pocketbooks and please be assured that I will go into recoating in more detail so let’s continue moving forward.

When is refinishing your hardwood floors a viable solution? 

The simple answer is if your hardwood floors are not terribly damaged although if you have broken planks and really deep gouges then you will need to replace whatever piece of wood flooring is damaged before you can move forward with applying the finish to your flooring. Furthermore, refinishing your hardwood flooring is definitely worth the long term investment bar none because it will restore the original beauty to its former self and provide the needed protection for your floors and add longevity to the life of the floors which means cost savings to the clients which is a no brainer if you ask Foxhound Floors Atlanta.

So what if you just ignore refinishing your floors?

You are clearly taking a risk that we don’t recommend as inevitable damage to your floors is on the horizon and you might even be required to replace planks which can become rather expensive and you as the client does not need this added expense so please be aware as we see this scenario way too much and it is financially painful to the client as it could have been avoided. There is also the value that is added to your home if you are intending to sell it as hardwood floors that are in top notch condition are incredibly important for buyers so please be aware as this is a valuable criteria that you need to keep in mind when it comes to the sale of your beautiful home.

Let’s talk about recoating your floors without actually sanding them and what needs to be understood when it comes to potential caveats if you decide to follow this route. We suggest that you need to carefully look for any surface damage such as scratches, gouges and so on and so forth but please make sure that the surface damage has only gone into the finishing itself and not down to the bare hardwood floors itself.

If this is the case and it is only surface damage, by all means apply a coating and that will suffice as far as keeping your floors protected and will absolutely increase the longevity of your hardwoods but ultimately you should make sure to put your “super powers vision gifts” to work and truly inspect for surface damage versus nonchalantly giving your floors the once over and assume that they are ready for recoating. 

Now it’s time to talk about the actual process of refinishing your hardwood floors and the steps needed since that was the original reason you came to our Foxhound Floors Atlanta website and we appreciate your patience so let’s keep going.

Should you do it yourself or should you hire an experienced flooring contractor?

That is the question that I run across on my flooring travels throughout Metro Atlanta due to our clients and potential clients budgets so let’s see what available options you have and there are quite a few. Is refinishing a hardwood floor as simple as 1-2-3? I don’t think so but it can be accomplished with the right tools as you will see.

First off, it’s the cost benefit analysis of doing it yourself and you will absolutely save your hard earned cash on labor alone and by our experienced estimates, you will probably save up to 70% by not hiring an experienced flooring contractor and let’s be real here, that is quite the savings! But there is always a “catch” also known as the risk factor of doing it yourself, let’s say as an example (theoretical) you accidentally make a mistake and ruin your floors (talk about sheer agony) so just imagine the actual cost versus having a flooring contractor do it.

It happens because we see it when asked for a free consultation and once at the clients home we get to see the financial predicaments clients find themselves in that were trying to save on money (perfectly understandable and we at Foxhound Floors Atlanta are rooting for your success) and having their projects go “south” which turns into the proverbial “money pit” and you as the homeowner does not need this financial headache at all. In fact, you can have complete control over your flooring project but it is terribly hard work although if done correctly, the sense of pride that you have accomplished a task that seems out of reach for most folks will fill you full of joy and not to mention having “bragging rights” to include the “street cred” you will get as the HGTV guru from your family, friends and of course your neighborhood. How cool is that folks? Priceless! 

Now that you know the pros and cons involved, you can weigh your options and decide if you would like a flooring contractor instead of doing it yourself to take care of your next flooring job as these flooring experts do this day in and day out which means that your flooring project will get completed quickly and no mistakes will be made.

Just think how these flooring technicians do the same task every day and how good they are because of it and how advanced their level of productivity is to include the final product which results in beautiful hardwood flooring for your home.

That’s the difference between doing it yourself and hiring a flooring contractor that will complete the project on time and on budget.

I believe at this point, I’ve shared what is possible if you would like to do it yourself or just hire an experienced flooring contractor such as Foxhound Floors Atlanta to do it for you and please be assured that I will continue to write about frequently asked questions from our clients and potential clients and share it with you because we believe in the power of an education when it comes to “hardwood floors for all” in Metro Atlanta and beyond.




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