How to Choose the Correct Hardwood Flooring for Your Atlanta Home!

On my daily Foxhound Floors Atlanta business travels I am constantly asked by my clients and potential clients how to choose the right hardwood flooring solutions for their homes and I definitely have an opinion good people of Metro Atlanta and beyond and would love to share it with you so let’s roll. 

Let us now cover the fundamentals first as we all know that hardwood floors for your Metro Atlanta home are a great investment and definitely will increase the property value of your home to include being much more durable and much easier to clean. We’ve now covered the obvious which means that we absolutely need to discuss what type of lifestyle you and your family have.

Let’s say you own certain 4 legged family members that we all appreciate and love (our pets) or you live near the water and have easy access to the beach which also means that you have to consider what type of hardwoods (solid versus engineered hardwoods) you are going to purchase as that factors into the equation. Furthermore, we are going to talk about the varied nuances based on the different types of hardwoods so you can make the right choice for your home and one that you and your family will love.

What are the different types of hardwood flooring solutions available that I might like?

Great question good people of Metro Atlanta so let’s begin by discussing the two main types of hardwood flooring solutions (solid hardwoods versus engineered hardwoods.) There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both because once again, it all depends upon your homes geographic location and the amount of foot traffic that your floors will receive or be subjected to which are major points of consideration.

Okay so what are solid hardwoods Foxhound Floors Atlanta?

Well for starters, they are made of a single plank of some seriously solid wood and usually are about ¾ of an inch in thickness which allows you the prime opportunity to get them sanded down and refinished quite a few times to keep your home looking beautiful. Talk about cost savings because you can get them sanded and refinished multiple times before having to replace them (when they are beyond repair) so you are saving some serious cash in this department.

What about engineered hardwoods?

Once again all you good folks in Metro Atlanta are truly a sharp crowd and get right to the point. Engineered hardwoods are considered manufactured wood and they have their top and bottom layers which are about 4mm thick and made from different types of natural wood whereas the middle plank has a five to seven layer built from man-made plywood which in turn makes them rather stable and incredibly resilient. It almost makes me want to say “Built Ford Tough” but that would be too cheesy and I don’t want to digress so let’s keep moving.

How am I going to choose the correct type of solid hardwood floors for my home?

Once again, you have to think about what you and your family’s lifestyle is like on a daily basis and how much foot traffic your solid hardwood floors will be subjected to. You also need to consider that dents and scratches could happen on a regular basis (yikes) to include maybe changing out the stain color when you feel truly inspired as this type of solid hardwood floor will allow it.

Now that you have “food for thought” and know that you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents etc. and that you can get your solid hardwood floors sanded down repeatedly to include having them refinished and resolve any “accidents” to your solid hardwoods which should put your mind at ease. Now for the “yeah but” and there is always a “yeah but” comment thrown in there to instill worry but never fear as Foxhound Floors Atlanta is here to guide you with your Metro Atlanta hardwood flooring solution choices so let me share with you the caveats of solid hardwood flooring and dispel any myths or misunderstandings you may have as it is our company slogan to share our knowledge and experience with our clients and potential clients.

Please know that solid hardwoods can warp and expand due to the fact that it is porous (it has minute spaces or holes which allows liquid or air to pass) especially if you live in really humid areas. As an example, if you live near the beach, choosing solid hardwood probably will not be your best choice when it comes to your flooring solution. There is also the cost and it can run anywhere from $2 to maybe $20 a square foot but it actually depends on the finish and country of origin the solid hardwoods came from.

Furthermore, there are the actual installation costs and in some cases a plywood subfloor (this is an article in itself) might be needed so it all adds up and doing a cost benefit analysis is worth considering as it can get pretty pricey rather quickly. So now we have some facts for solid hardwoods and time to move on to engineered hardwoods as they definitely have their place when it comes Atlanta hardwood flooring solutions.

Now it’s time for concrete details about engineered hardwoods and the most frequently asked question that I always get is if sanding them down is okay and my response is do you like risk?

I would not recommend this as the top layers for engineered hardwoods are so thin which means that they are dented and scratched rather easily. But and this is a very positive “but” because engineered hardwoods have their benefits due to how versatile they truly are. Since the interior of the engineered hardwood is man-made, it helps to prevent some serious warping which makes it a rather smart choice for areas of your home that are considered damp such as the basement and laundry rooms.

Now moving on to cost as engineered hardwoods tend to be less expensive versus solid hardwoods so that is a major plus. How much can you get them for and that depends on what part of the country you live in but the average ranges from $3 to $10 a square foot which way less expensive than solid hardwood floors.

How about those savings good people in Metro Atlanta?

Also, the installation is rather inexpensive as well due to the fact that you can either do a lock assembly or by floating your floor over a moisture barrier. Can you imagine the savings if you do it yourself using engineered hardwood floors?

At this point we have some really good information and “food for thought” on what choices you can make when it comes to solid hardwoods versus engineered hardwood floors. Thank you for reading our blog and please keep coming back as we at Foxhound Floors Atlanta pride ourselves on sharing invaluable advice when it comes to hardwood flooring in Atlanta.




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