Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in Metro Atlanta is an extremely popular flooring solution for commercial businesses in today’s market and falls into a category known as “resilient flooring.” Also, there other options that you need to be aware of such as sheet-vinyl to include rubber flooring but we are here to discuss Luxury Vinyl Tile also known as LVT and what it’s made of and all that it entails so let’s get started. 

What is LVT made of anyway is a question that our Metro Atlanta clients frequently ask me and my answer is that LVT is created in layers where it’s primary component is PVC vinyl which makes LVT incredibly stable and quite flexible. As far as looks are concerned, LVT comes in stone or ceramic tile and you can get it in really beautiful natural colors and it has surface texture that makes it look like it is the “real thing.” In a nutshell, it can take your breath away at its sheer beauty and once it has been installed it clearly is awe inspiring and I’m not just saying that although Foxhound Floors Atlanta has the expertise to make LVT installs look simply amazing. 

So let’s discuss why LVT is so popular in today’s market and the reason being is because the costs have definitely come down in the last few years alone making it very affordable and the innovations that manufacturers have implemented for LVT are simply phenomenal hence the reason for its popularity. You cannot beat a great price for a quality product and clients love the LVT product to no end. But the cost and look of LVT is not all that it affords, there is also the cost savings to include the comfortability factor that LVT introduces to the client along with reduction of flooring maintenance costs which you cannot beat if you ask me as you have to love the cost benefit analysis when it comes to LVT purchases and installations.

Now it’s time to get to another great question which fits nicely into this Metro Atlanta flooring article and that is how long does LVT last? Awesome question from our Metro Atlanta clients (it’s a sharp crowd and they keep us on our toes with the questions that are sent to us by our clients and potential clients) and the simple answer to this is that LVT lasts longer than Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) but the over whelming factor is that it is simply easier to replace than options like wood and ceramic tile. In addition commercial grade LVT uses photographic print film to include a clear vinyl layer that gives you many options when it comes to design. 

LVT can also be obtained in planks or tiles and you can also purchase certain types of LVT that are manufactured with realistic 3D visuals that can be installed to resemble stone and ceramic and it even has options for reduction of sound which is an important need for many facilities and a very popular feature based on the number of requests we get for it. Well now that we have a very good understanding about LVT, let’s move forward and talk about how to install it which Foxhound Floors Atlanta is an expert at (we’re proud of our craftsmanship so we talk about it to no end aka a shameless plug.) 

Installation of LVT can be done in a couple of ways, it’s either with glue or with a loose-lay floor. The really efficient aspect of using the loose-lay floor method will allow the possibility to use LVT with absolute minimal surface penetration which gives you two awesome benefits. What are the benefits pray tell? Glad you asked that question Metro Atlanta clients and glad to see you are still with us as we aim to deliver on sharing our experiences with you and the answer to loose-lay flooring solution is that it offer a reduction for LVT installation costs as well as the actual installation time as well which means less inconvenience for the client who always requests minimal disruption to their facility because “time is money” and we fully grasp and adhere to this concept on each and every installation that we do. 

So where is LVT used and the answer to that is everywhere from hotel lobbies, office foyers, high traffic hospital common areas, schools, dental offices to include upscale restaurants and the list goes on and on. Why you ask? Once again, it’s based on the durability aspect of LVT because it is better suited to last a long time based on heavy foot traffic that these facilities incur and all that comes with it since it can withstand moisture (the next article is going to be about testing for moisture before doing a flooring installation so we invite you to come on back to our site as it will be very informative), heavy foot traffic, scratches and accidents such as spills thanks to its multiple layers as we discussed earlier but as a refresher LVT is made up of multiple layers that help when it comes to the design, durable aspect and the ease of on- going maintenance for this wonderful and practical flooring choice.

We thank you for coming to Foxhound Floors Atlanta in order to gather the necessary information that you will need to make your choice and please keep us in mind when you are ready to make a decision as all you have to do is either call us and speak to one of our client-centric representatives or just fill out the contact form that is on this page and please be assured that we will respond in a timely manner ready to answer any and all questions you may have. 


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